Tuesday, December 01, 2009

1 year, 41 weeks

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

We had a really nice time visiting our friends Mark and Judy. Zack had such a good time that he absolutely refused to take a nap on Thursday. Energizer bunny, that kid!

You may recall that he hasn't been much of a meat eater. Maybe a little dark meat chicken, but it mostly gets spit out. We discovered that we've been offering the wrong kind of meat. What he's wanted is ham. Ham. Who knew? He didn't eat much all day, then later on Rob couldn't give it to him fast enough!

This picture pretty much sums up his day--constant motion!

This was his partner in crime--Gus. Gus is really the perfect dog for kids, and Zack was really good with him. Zack gave him many hugs, and offered to share his juice and his grapes with Gus. Gus politely declined, though he did help himself to one of Zack's crackers.

They saw things nose-to-nose.

The words just keep coming! Upstairs, downstairs, trash, mess (this one is used a lot), stuck, rain, cold, hot, warm, books, oh no!, spoon, pepper, fox, socks, bag, birdie, squirrel.

And what a little snuggler he's becoming! Especially when he wants a book read to him. He'll climb up in bed, arrange the pillows the way he wants them, then look at me and pat the pillow next to him so that I'll come and read to him. A heart-melter, that one!

We've started all sitting in bed and reading to Zack before he goes to bed. Tonight Rob was reading him a book and it was apparently going on a little too long. Zack got Green Eggs and Ham, handed it to me, and said "me." He kept pushing it towards me, but I tried to get him to finish listening to Rob's book. Finally, he took matters into his own hands--he took the book from Rob, handed me Green Eggs and Ham, and said "me" again. Point taken.

Like the bag that Rob brought back from London for me?

Yeah, me, too.

You'll never guess...
...who else does, too.

He is now a pretty much self-sufficient eater. There is much protesting if we try to help (and will gently but firmly remove our hand from the bowl we're preventing from falling on the floor). He uses both a fork and a spoon (the former a bit better than the latter). I'm still not sure about his handedness--the fork goes in his right hand and the spoon goes in his left.

He has also discovered the water dispenser on the fridge. He is surprisingly good at filling a cup and (usually) not spilling too much. But he's not 100% accurate yet, and the look on his face when he gets doused with ice cold water is precious!

How embarrassing!

I've got a strawberry stuck to my shoe!


....can I get a little help here?

Another indicator of how active and curious he is.

He also climbed on the dining room table the other night and Rob caught him just as he was about to put his hand in the flame of the candle that was lit on the table. Sigh. Never a dull moment.

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Mom/Nonnie said...

We're glad you enjoyed a happy day of "ringraziemento".Can't wait to hear Zack's expanded vocabulary. I love the hand knit sweater.