Sunday, February 21, 2010

104 weeks

Someone we know is a year older.

Two to be exact.

We had a little party for him, with some friends and family. Of course, we had cake.

But I think his favorite part was the balloons. He LOVED them.

We got him his own little table and chairs, so that he has his own place to color and draw. He's pretty happy with this new setup. The only problem with this plan is that now he instructs us to sit with him--on those tiny, tiny chairs. We nearly had to get a crane to get Geoff out of the chair! (OK, maybe not really, but they're definitely not made for adults!) But really, could anyone say "no" to that face, when he pats the chair next to him saying "Sit! Sit! Sit!"? I think not.

He was thrilled to have Grandma and Papa come to visit and pretty much had them wrapped around his finger, if I might be so bold as to say so. He had Papa sitting here, and there, and playing with this and that. He wanted nothing to do with us in the morning; he wanted to go downstairs to see "'Ama and Papa." He was sorry to see them go.

He got some Legos, which are a big hit and I'm sure will soon be spread all over the house. There are lots of new books and toys to keep him busy, as well. I think we're going to have to purge again.

He's grown a bit, huh?


Mom/Nonnie said...

Fantastc, and I think Mom and Dad enjoyed the festivities as much as our special 2 year old!

Tracey said...

It looks like he had a great time. You guys are doing a great job. You should be so proud of yourselves!! You're wonderful parents. BTW, we will be sending a card sorry for being late-turning 50 can do a number on ones brain!!! LOL Be patient!!

Anonymous said...

Love the new photos! Look likes you all enjoyed the celebrations! I have many fond memories, as well as many photos, of Legos and Lego creations. This is about when Daniel began his enormous interest in all things Lego....and now he is studying engineering! (Big plastic bins are very useful to contain all those small pieces....although a big pile of pieces and creations on his bedroom floor is what I remember most!)Enjoy! These are fun days! Be well. thinking of you.
Perri :)

Anonymous said...

Happy happy Zachary!!!!
miss you guys-Dom,Margaret.Sean