Thursday, February 11, 2010

More snow.

I had to laugh at this column in yesterday's Washington Post. Regardless of what you think of the gist of the article, you can't argue with the fact that the first thing that Zack asks for when we're bundling to go outside is his shovel, so that he can help his Daddy shovel snow. Even if we're just heading to the car.

And we've had more to shovel! This time it was windy and snowy, so it drifted nicely. The highest drifts are, of course, on the driver's side of our cars. Rob made it out this morning and took Zack to daycare. I'm going to wait a little bit longer in the hopes that a plow will remember that we exist (though I'm not holding my breath). Apparently I'm just a block and a half away from plowed streets! So close and yet so far.....

I'm kind of tired of taking pictures of the snow, so just see the last post and imagine more of it. In lieu of snow, I'll show you some of our latest photographic masterpieces. Zack is fascinated with pictures now. He loves to look at the ones that I have on my Blackberry, and he's sort of figuring out that our camera takes pictures and then he see them on the screen. We took these the other night before dinner.

And I was directed to take a picture of his "elephant." He was particularly pleased with this one.

Updated early afternoon: We were plowed! By someone who knew what they were doing! Oh happy day!

Updated again: And they're STILL plowing 2 hours later! The plow driver had people move their cars so they could plow properly! And they're CINDERING!!!!!! This is nothing short of a miracle!


Mom/Nonnie said...

Zack got used to grabbing a shovel every time he left the condo in Fl, so it stands to reason he needs a shovel now and has adjusted to the climate change.

Tracey said...

We so could have had school yesterday. Although it was a nice way to start our school vacation but have to go another day in June. Erica, started a new knitting project. Friend of mine getting married in September, so I am starting now. Make a afghan, making 20 12 x 12 inch squares and then piece together. Very detailed with cable stitches and other cool designs.

PS-almost done with my brother's sweater from years back. lol

Patti said...

Glad to hear you are warm, cozy and safe. I worry about these rookie states when there is snow!

Zack is the cutest!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zach...and Rob and Erica too! We know today is a really big day for you, and we wanted to be sure to send you rally big wishes now that you are two! Wow!!! Happy Birthday! We love looking at the photo album you sent at Christmas and all of the great photos on this blog. How yea have grown since we last saw you this past summer! Enjoy your birthday celebrations! We will look for more blog photos commemorating your big day. Happy Birthday from North Stonington.
Perri, Jim, Daniel and Meredith
:) :) :) :)