Friday, March 11, 2011

ALERT: This post is full of parental blather about offspring potty training.  Yes, I am becoming that parent. Consider yourself warned.

I haven't really talked about our potty training endeavors lately. Maybe I'm afraid to jinx things, who knows. But after reading the book Diapers Are Not Forever a few weeks ago, he has wanted to be all underwear all the time.

As an aside, if having a child has taught me anything, it's taught me the power of books. 

This was to the point where he pitched a fit one morning before school, so I said to myself that we'll have to take the plunge sometime, and put undies on him. His teachers were so excited for him and he was obviously proud--as indicated by him telling EVERYONE.

Aside #1, little boys in tightie whities might just be the cutest thing ever! 

He didn't make it all the way through the first day, but he's made it through just about every day since then. His teachers are really good about sticking to a schedule, so they're really helping him succeed. He's had a couple accidents once we get home, but I think we've figured that out.

In order to help this all along, Rob and I decided that we'd stick close to home last weekend and really work on getting him trained at home. We planned on taking him to the potty every hour. And had about 4 accidents before noon on Saturday. We just looked at each other, absolutely perplexed. We're intelligent people, Zack had been doing so well at school, what in the world were we doing wrong????? So I googled potty training and read that a lot of people start by taking their kids every 20 minutes or so, and start working up to longer stretches. Ooops. So we regrouped, and decided on every 30 minutes. We also started using a kitchen timer, telling Zack that the buzzer meant that it was potty time. This strategy worked much better---no accidents, and no arguments about going to the potty (since the buzzer was telling him to go, not Mommy or Daddy). A random reinforcement schedule of M&Ms also seems to help.

The big test was the other night when Zack asked to go get pizza for dinner. I said that sounded great, hiding my anxiety about him having an accident at the restaurant. We went to the bathroom when we first got there and then also after we finished eating. He did great! He wanted to be in the stall by himself (OK, I know you're an independent kid, but could we slow down a sec?), gave running commentary about the woman's feet in the next stall (where did I put that shell to crawl into?), and pooped on the potty!!!! I wish I could have recorded his expression when I'd peek in to see how he was doing--just a big grin and shaking his head no, and I'd duck back out. A couple minutes later, I'd peek back in and same thing. Then all of a sudden there was an "I pooped, Mommy!" He was so proud of himself.

So we seem well on the way to having a big boy in our house.

Just ask him. He'll tell you.

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