Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Ipe Bear-Bear Blanket

If you were knitting something, and a boy with eyes like these asked you if what you were knitting was a blanket for Bear-Bear (Most Beloved Animal in All The Land), what would you say? I said, “No, but would you like me to knit one for you?”


“What color would you like?”

“Ipe.” (Translation: White).

I didn’t hop to it, and was asked several times if I was knitting a Bear-Bear blanket. I finally started two nights ago.

“What color would you like?” (Never hurts to double-check.)


“Is this color OK?”


“Would you like it bigger than the one you already have?”


I cast on and knit a few rows, then checked in with him.

“Is this size good?”


And last night I finished the first thing that Zack asked me to knit for him. And this morning I asked him if it was okay.

"Yes. Take it to Balwyn and Elena?" Translation: Can I take it to school with me?

"It's still wet, but it'll be dry by the time you get home tonight."

"Ok. Bear-Bear sleep with it tonight?"

"Absolutely, Buddy."

Update: I was informed the other night that the new blanket could not directly cover Bear-Bear because it's "not very soft. The old one is soft." Which is true, the new one is wooly wool while the old one is softer. However, he still says he likes the new one and needs it in bed with him, so it's still a success in my book. 


angelbis said...

Super cute! Both the blanket and the boy ;-)

abi's mom said...

I rather think so, particularly about the boy, but I guess I'm biased.

He was clutching the new blanket tightly as he slept last night--I couldn't ask for more!

Mom/Nonnie said...

I love the new white! What an accomodating Mom!

kdh said...

oh my goodness -- blame it on the hormones but I'm all misty eyed with that story. So sweet!!

abi's mom said...

Eh, I don't think it's the hormones. It pretty much made my heart melt, too, and theoretically my hormones are normal.