Monday, November 21, 2011

The face of tolerance

We have totally lucked out with Georgia--she is so very tolerant of Zack and his shenanigans. She's only protested her treatment two or three times. And believe me, it was warranted protest and was done very gently. Regardless of having to put up with this boisterous boy of ours, she's clearly attached to him. She sits for Zack, takes treats ever so gently from him, and sleeps in his bed nearly every night.

What I was surprised at was how Zack is behaving a bit as if he has sibling rivalry with Georgia. Little whacks here, squeezes that are a bit too tight there. Followed by a very gentle hug, kiss, and an "I love you, Georgia" 10 minutes later. And a reminder that we have to take her for a walk/feed her/let her out. This sibling rivalry, combined with other rascally behavior he has been exhibiting lately (more on that in another post), is enough to drive us slightly batty.

At least he's cute.   


Mom/Nonnie said...

Georgia sounds like a winner. Is your yard back in order?

abi's mom said...

Sort of. There is no longer a pit in the back. They put all the dirt back, but we need to go back and rake it all so that the yard is somewhat level. Then we need to plant grass seed. Oh, and we need to put two sections of the fence back in, so that we can let Georgia back in to the backyard. It's always something.