Monday, January 09, 2012


We were all at a baby shower yesterday. I'd been telling Zack that Liza had a baby in her belly, and that we were going to go give her gifts for the baby. He'd even gone shopping with me and had wanted to pick out toys for the baby (which I let him do).

We were getting ready to leave the shower when this conversation occurred.

Z: I want to see the baby.
Me: You mean Liza's baby?
Z: Yes.
Me: Well, she's still in Liza's tummy.
Z: I want to wait for the baby.
Me: (It took a moment for me to process this) You want to wait until the baby comes out?
Z: Yes.
Me: Well, I don't think the baby is going to come out today. They come out when they're ready, and she's not ready yet.
Z: Yes she is (is there anything so confident and optiimistic as a 3-year old?). I want to wait for the baby.

We finally convinced him that there wouldn't be a baby that afternoon, with a little help from Liza asking if Zack would come visit the baby when she was born.

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