Thursday, December 20, 2012

'Tis the season...

It's really interesting to experience how Zack's behavior has changed across Christmases. He definitely understands that he'll get gifts, and every time he sees a toy store flyer he goes through it and says, "I want this for Christmas. I want this for Christmas. I want this for Christmas...." Let's just say it'd be easier for him to list what he doesn't want for Christmas.

But he is also starting to understand better that it's also a time for giving, and we've actually had to move a lot of our gift wrapping to times when he's not around because he started wanting to give away a lot of things from our house. He wrapped up a little toy pitcher for his cousin Ella, which is perfectly acceptable. But he also decided that the vase that he made for me for Mother's Day would be better off with Grampa Jim, in spite of my protests to the contrary. He also wanted to give one of my ornaments to someone else. It was at that point that we made gift wrapping a covert operation.

But not before he wanted to help wrap his gift to his Daddy. I had bought it online and showed it to him. He promptly wanted to wrap it. And as you can see, he wanted to do it himself. And in true Spotts male fashion, he made sure it was well-taped. Doesn't he look so grown up doing all this?

He is also very excited for Christmas to come. Here's the conversation we had this morning:

So do you know what we're going to do tomorrow after we pick you up from school?



I don't know.

We're going to get in the car and go to Nonnie and Nonno's.

Yeah! Today?

No, tomorrow.

Is tomorrow today?

No. We'll leave on the day you have karate.

Do I have karate today?

No, today is KidFit. Tomorrow is karate.

I like KidFit. Remember yesterday {keep in mind that "yesterday" is a catchall term for any day in the past 4 1/2 years} when we went to Nonnie and Nonno's and you picked me up before sleepy time {naptime at school}?

Yes, but we're not going to pick you up that early tomorrow. It'll be after naptime.

I'm going to tell Miss Carol that I need to sit in a chair at sleepy time because you're picking me up. I'll wait for you to come. And when Miss Carol goes out into the hall, she'll see my Mommy and Daddy.

OK, but we're not going to be there that early.

I'll wait for you to pick me up so we can go to Nonnie and Nonno's. 


I have a feeling that it might be a long car ride to Connecticut tomorrow night.

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