Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My helper

He's always liked helping out in the kitchen, so I've recently started teaching him how to use a knife to cut easy things like zucchini and cucumber. We've talked a lot about how to use the knives safely and that he should never use one without Rob or I nearby. His first lesson was last weekend. Tonight he wanted to help again, and he remembered a lot of what I'd told him without me repeating it--rocking the knife, how to hold his fingers. 

As always, I so enjoy watching him grow up and learn new things. It's so much fun interacting with him, learning from him as well as teaching him. You can almost see his brain soaking up all this new information. Information that he doesn't forget. And he'll let you know that he hasn't forgotten: "I knooow that" he says if you offer an interesting fact that you think he might be interested in but he is already aware of. 

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Mom/Nonnie said...

Our children are our best teachers. Zack keeps reminding me of Tim at that age. He was always doing stuff in the kitchen, alongside me.