Friday, November 17, 2006

The Jeep???

And here is the damage done to my vehicle by the contractor. He has admitted to it. He didn't realize he had hit it????? But he has said he will cover the damages. What will happen next, a lightening strike??? Bring it on Big Guy!!!!!!!! Guess I'm going to Hell with the rest of the republicans! Those F$#@$#$$ers"!!!!!!


Mom said...

Such language, Robert! Understandable, however.

abi's mom said...

Oh lord, Rob, don't tempt fate at this point!!!!

And I'm going to change your cursing because you can click on it to send an email.

abi's dad said...

I thought that was an email to the Man! To whoever might want to support our cause!

Don't be such a prude mom. Desperate times call for desperate language!