Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Wrath of Erica

So here is a peek at the tiles in the laundry room floor:

And a peek at the floor tiles in the downstairs bathroom:

And they painted the trim and siding on the outside of the house:

Note how I'm NOT giving you a peek at anyone working on the house on Sunday when we stopped by after being at my parents' for the weekend.

Keep in mind that they have always worked on Sunday throughout this entire project. Keep in mind that we need to move in by November 30 because we've given notice and there is a new renter moving in Dec. 1. And remember that our house is really not anywhere near a point where we can move in and be vaguely comfortable.

So you can imagine how high my blood pressure got at about 2:30 this afternoon when we pulled up to the house and there was NO ONE THERE.

And so I called our contractor, which I have only done once or twice before because I'm not always as diplomatic or as sweet or as patient as one might want in these situations.

He said the workers had taken the day off.

I refrained from blowing a gasket, but informed him that was inexcusable, that he'd better get his butt in gear because we needed to move in Thanksgiving weekend, and that we continued to be disappointed by the progress on this project. He said that he would start moving in fast forward, to which I said that he should have done that months ago.

I'm hoping that he feels good and guilty now. We shall see.


Mom said...

You can't let up your guard one minute with these guys. Have they been paying your rent, at least?
all that aside, the tiles look gorgeous!

abi's mom said...

Our rent is being deducted from the final payment to the contractor--there's no way I'd trust them to make the payment!

Anita said...

oh boy. It's unbelievable how long this contractor has taken. Do you at least have one fully-functioning bathroom?

On the plus side, the siding/trim look beautiful, I love the colors. Same with the tiles. You will love the house when it's finally done. Unless you are in jail for murdering your contractor, in which case we will visit you and bring you a cake.

abi's mom said...

Yes, there's a bathroom with a shower that works. Though it hasn't really been cleaned in a year--something I'd rather not think about.

Yeah! I'll have visitors and cake! And I can't imagine that any jury would put me away for too long, give the circumstances.