Friday, April 11, 2008

7 weeks

This has been a busy week. We went to Gettysburg on Sunday to see the new Visitor's Center and to see Nonnie, Nonno, Angie, Lee, Elvira and Dale. Zack slept through most of the exhibit and the movie, but that was just so he was rested enough to charm everyone at dinner.

Over the past week and a half, he's been smiling, which is just wonderful! Of course, today he decided to strike his pensive pose, rather than smile for the camera.

To celebrate his 7 week birthday, he and I went to Brookside Gardens which is a beautiful garden that is part of our county's public park system. It was a gorgeous, sunny, 70+ degree day and lots of things were in bloom. I seem only to have managed to have taken a picture of this:
And this:


Mom/Nonnie said...

Now that is one happy child. You two are doing things just right, as shown on that smiling face!

Erica said...

Geez! You must have been lying in wait for new pictures--I just put this post up!

Mom/Nonnie said...

Erica and I are the only comment writers? Anyhow, I want you to know that picture of blissful Zack now adorns our fridge.
And yes, Erica, I was waiting for Week 7 posting.

kdh said...

I was waiting too. But I usually just lurk. However, I had to comment on how gosh darn adorable that boy is. His personality is starting to shine through! xoxo k