Monday, April 28, 2008

9 and a half weeks

Editor's note: From now on, readers, please feel free to assume that any picture posted on this blog has not been taken on Zack's actual birthday, but rather several days afterward, since his parents seem incapable of any picture-taking activities on Thursday. You may now return to your regularly scheduled program.

We have a guest appearance this week from Zack's Uncle Geoff, who, as he put it, is "full of smit" for his nephew. They're going to have lots of fun together.
"The Lip" is in no way related to Geoff's presence, but rather to the fact that it was later in the evening and Zack was pretty much just over-stimulated.

This week, Zack went to an infant playgroup and enjoyed it very much (and his mom enjoyed talking with people over the age of 9 weeks very much). He had a visit from his Granny Leslie this weekend. He had his first set of immunizations and was quite a trooper. He visited his dad at work and got to sit in on a meeting. I'm sure he contributed quite a lot to the discussion.
He continues to be quite a talker and is getting so strong. When he's reclining, he's started to try to pull himself up to sitting, which means we've got to really start paying attention or he's going to launch himself off our laps, which probably wouldn't end well. He loves to play with toys in front of him and is starting to pull them into his mouth.
Best of all, we get to see his great smile whenever he sees us.


Mom/Nonnie said...

Zack's looking great. He has an impish look in that last picture, which is already up on the fridge. It's almost as if he has something on his parents!

Patti said...

Can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait!

Tracey said...

He looks happy and healthy. Too bad Taryn can't stop by while in D.C. with all of her friends from 8th grade. hehehe She'll be very busy. Too bad the weather won't be perfect. Made her take her fleece jacket along just in case.

kdh said...

I can't wait to see him either! He already looks so different from the day I met him!

abi's mom said...

K, you won't believe how much he's changed in just a few weeks. If you thought he was a charmer then, look out!