Monday, May 05, 2008

10 weeks

We seem to have been so busy this week that not many pictures were taken, despite the fact that my camera is almost always in my bag. He visited his dad at the office again. We went for a long walk in the gorgeous sunshine on Friday with a friend who just had triplets. He had his first excursion into DC on Friday night, visiting friends for dinner. My dear friend Kristen and her mom, Patti, came to visit for the weekend, which was lots of fun. Zack joined us as we went shopping on Saturday, but he decided that he'd rather stay home with Dad on Sunday, so I had a Zack-free girls day out at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival--lovely! It was just what I needed to recharge. He's become even more talkative, if that's possible, and he knows how to get our attention if he wants it. He kept me from taking a nap the other day by staring at me--when I'd look at him, he'd grin from ear to ear. How could I sleep after that?!

He's started to pull himself up to sitting. He doesn't quite get there unless he's already close to vertical, but he's definitely working those abs! He's really getting good at tracking people as they walk by. And just this weekend he's started to notice his feet if he's sitting up.
And how could he not pay attention to those adorable little feet?


Mom/Nonnie said...

That's my precocious grandson, pulling himself at less than 3 mos. old!! How nice to have a baby free day, Erica.

Margaret said...

Hey guys!
That little boy is just adorable! You're doing a great job because he looks really happy!
I just wanted to wish Erica a very Happy Mothers Day! It's a very exciting time for you!
Your always on our minds....
Love, Margaret and Dom