Thursday, May 15, 2008

Time flies

Zack is 12 weeks today. That's 3 months. Can someone please tell me how that happened?
We've all been sick this past week, even Zack. He had croup compounded by all the pollen in the air. Even if he doesn't have allergies per se, there's an awful lot of stuff in the air for his little body to be dealing with. He's such a trooper though--he either slept or smiled through the coughing.

Our first Mother's Day was wonderful and low key. A wonderful breakfast, a beautiful bracelet, and a day on the couch watching movies, followed by a yummy dinner. Perfect.

He continues to be a chatterbox and loves interacting with people. He was supposed to join his dad at the office for a few hours yesterday, but Rob hardly saw him at all. Zack managed to charm a few of Rob's female coworkers within minutes of arriving at the office and spent the rest of his visit with them! Is this a foreshadowing of his teenage years?

Grandma and Grandpa are visiting this weekend and they are in for a big surprise, since they haven't seen him since he was about 3 weeks old! He's pulling more things towards him and he's more easily distracted by things when he's eating. He's still doing his ab exercises and I'm sure he'll be sitting before we know it.

He can almost touch his toes when he's sitting--he just hasn't quite figured out how to get his hands and legs working in unison.
His eyes are still a lovely shade of blue. His hair is filling in in the front, though it's hard to see for the cradle cap he's got. Hopefully that'll clear up soon.


Mom/Nonnie said...

I've been watching for these new pictures daily. Thanks. He does continue to amaze. I put his pictures up on the fridge, and we talk constantly. He has so much to say!

abi's mom said...

You have no idea!

Anita said...

How does three months happen? Tell me how 17 years happens! I'm not getting any older so it's obviously a wrinkle in the space-time continuum.

I think in these pictures, his eyes look like they're lighter. Looks like he'll have blue eyes. Sorry Rob!

abi's mom said...

I'm sure in 16 years and 9 months I'll be saying the same thing!

His eyes are lighter and don't really have any other colors in them aside from blue. It'll be another few months until we're sure, but I think they're staying blue, too.

Tracey said...

Take in every moment of his life, by the time he becomes 18 you'll say "how time flies by so quickly-how did this happen!" Tim and I know first hand with our own 18 year old.