Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Week 14

So what did Zack do this week aside from eat, poop and grow (of which he did quite a lot)?

He played on his bouncy seat.
He took a few baths. He loves the water--can't wait to see what he thinks of Nonnie and Nonno's pool this summer!
He took a few naps, sometimes on Dad....

...sometimes on Mom.
On Memorial Day, we went for a walk on a trail near our house. He's only been in the carrier facing front once before, so he wasn't sure what was going on.
But he got the hang of it....
...and got downright comfy towards the end.
He was also quite a trooper while we went car shopping, making it through a bunch of chatting with the salesman and 3 test drives with only a little snack.

He's getting more personable and chatty, if that's possible, and he's definitely getting bigger. He's also starting to know what he wants and protests if it's taken away. He grabs onto our hands and can be pulled from lying to sitting holding his head steady the whole time. He's sitting pretty well, too, though we can't take our hands off of him yet. Bedtime has just gotten better, literally going from screaming one night to sleeping the next, after we bought a Miracle Blanket. It's essentially a strait jacket for babies, and it's amazing. He's now sleeping on his own for most of the night, so once I get used to that I'll get longer chunks of sleep, as well.

I start back to work half time next week and to be perfectly honest I'm not sure I'm ready, though I know he'll be in good hands with Rob. I hope that by the time Zack has kids, the US is on par with the rest of the world in terms of parental leave.


Tracey said...

Pictures are so cute. As for the blanket, or better yet, strait jacket-that sounds like a very familiar story that Nonnie has told us quite a few times about Tim's sleeping habits. hehehe

Mom/Nonnie said...

Thanks for all the details about Zack's amazing development. Miracle blanket sounds so much better than strait jacket! You've gotta do what you've gotta do!