Monday, July 13, 2009

1 year, 21 weeks

Could someone tell me where this little boy came from?

He's been running around our house lately, putting things here, taking things from there, eating sticks of string cheese all by himself.

And I'm just not sure where the baby went and where this little boy came from.

He sits on things now. This makes going down the stairs an all-day event because he has to sit on each stair as he goes down.

The windows we have in the new room are the perfect height for him...

...though never for very long!

He's just started putting things together and in other containers, which is a nice change of pace from deconstructing everything. But it also means that the remote may end up in the sink, or the new tupperware containers I bought may end up in the garbage.

He loves playing with a set of aluminum coasters that were my grandma's. He stacks them, unstacks them, puts them back in the china cabinet, rolls them on the floor (they make a neat noise).

"Let's go" is a favorite phrase of his, and he's got "up" and "down" down pretty well. He asks for cheese and water. He's still eating well, particularly if it's fruit. He understands more and more every day. Now he knows that when we wash our hands we go into the bathroom, get up on the stool, splash in the water, dry off, and get down.

He loves to be outside, and needs to pick lots of flowers while he's there. He'd love to help his daddy in the garden, too, but that doesn't always work as well as one might want.

It's all very tiring.


mom/Nonnie said...

When I think of him last summer and see him now, it's amazing. I can't wait to see him walk the path to the beach and into the water all by himself.

abi's mom said...

We may never get to the beach if we let him walk by himself! He's easily distracted. :) It should be a lot of fun though, and we're all really looking forward to it.