Friday, June 18, 2010

2 years 17 weeks

Just a few pictures to end the week.

We've given him the "job" of watering the plants. As you might imagine, there's often as much water on him as there is in the garden, but it keeps him happy. It took him about 2.3 seconds to realize that it's lots of fun to spray Mommy with the hose. You should see the gleam he gets in his eye before aiming at me!

He likes to jump and run and climb and fall. Often these activities are done on his parents.

When we got him his new bed, we couldn't resist getting this little chair for him, too. I'd put a video on for him one afternoon so that I could cook dinner. When I looked in, I caught him chilling out, like this.

Other times he chills out like this.

He'll be starting a new preschool in a few weeks. To help him adjust, he and I have stopped by to meet his teachers and check things out for a little while, just so he can get used to it. On both occasions, I was impressed all over again with the teachers and the facilities--I'm so glad that they had room for him this year. His teacher, Miss Carol, has been there for 28 years and clearly loves kids. They've made it very clear that it's their job to make him comfortable with the transition and to make sure he's happy there. However, I don't really think we'll have any problems with that. Both times we went, he marched right in and made himself at home. The first time he was won over when he discovered a Thomas the Tank Engine in his classroom that's bigger than the one he has at home. I actually thought there might be tears when I tried to get him to leave!

He's sort of doing better in his Big Boy Bed--some nights are better than others. Unfortunately, he seems pretty set on waking up at 6 am.

His language development is just amazing. New words everyday, putting new things together, talking about what's happened. At bedtime he's started to prefer reading to us instead of us reading to him. He has a book that has pictures of lots of different animals, and we go through it, page by page, so that he can name all the animals, or ask us what they are. He knows most of them, and seems to spend extra time on the pages with insects and spiders on them. I'm not sure how well this bodes for what I find in his pants pockets some day!

Speaking of which, did I mention that he tried picking up a slug the other day? He's very interested in bugs, and I try very hard to control my "ew" reactions (though I do tell him it's a bad idea to try to step on honey bees). However, when he came to me with his fingers out saying "Mess, mess" and I realized what that mess was....Let's just say that slugs are where I draw the line in terms of controlling my "ew's." Blech!

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mom/nonnie said...

That is one special child. He's just to cute!