Thursday, June 24, 2010

2 years 18 weeks

Baby, it's hot outside!

Mother Nature apparently got the message that it's officially summer and cranked up the heat! It's 10:30 am and 91 degrees with about 150% humidity. Whew!

That does not stop our little guy however! It may slow him down a smidge (he wanted me to carry him part way on our walk yesterday afternoon. Just what I was hoping for on a 90 degree day--to hold a sweaty 2 year old!), but it certainly doesn't stop him.

He definitely prefers cool food, like sushi. Didn't you know, wearing your sushi makes it even cooler?

He eats Mom-made chocolate chip cookies. I didn't get a picture of him with chocolate smeared all over his belly. (Hmmm...I see a theme here, with the wearable food...)
He helps Dad wash the bird poop off the car. He carried out the bucket, soap, and sponges, scrubbed the car, and helped rinse it off.

He likes to watch videos of himself in action.

It was time for the Tupperware drawer to be cleaned out and reorganized.

He's rediscovered the train set that Papa made for him. He still needed help putting the cars together the last time he played with it a few months ago. When he pulled it out a few days ago, he was hooking them together like an old pro.

"Thank you, Papa" (He says this nearly every time he plays with the trains.)

He looks like a big boy.

He uses the new pool that Daddy got for Father's Day.

And not related to Zack at all are our hydrangeas this year. Three feet of snow seems to have agreed with them, as they are filled with blooms and were above our window sills before a storm flattened them a bit. They make me so happy every time I go by them!

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