Thursday, June 10, 2010

He's a Big Boy now

So the big news in the Spotts-Malootian household is that the Mini Maloot has graduated to a Big Boy Bed (hereafter referred to a BBB).

Here he is guarding his precious cargo at Ikea.

It took Rob awhile to put it all together. Actually, I'm sure he'd like me to tell you that it took him 6 hours. At least he didn't come down to the last couple pieces only to discover that a crucial part was missing!

Zack had to get right in there and help.

Zack was SOOOO excited by his BBB. Even before Rob finished it he wanted to go in and check on the progress, and he'd get in the frame and jump around with joy. He proudly tells people about his BBB, and when I tell him it's time to read books before bed, he proclaims "in my Big Boy Bed." Absolutely!

Unfortunately this enthusiasm hasn't translated directly into sleeping well in the BBB. He's been going through a bit of a procrastination phase when it comes to going to bed anyway, and this seems to have been exacerbated a bit by having free reign to his room. While I don't mind that he wants to play a bit before going to sleep, I don't really need to feel the need to accompany him while he does this. Which is the way he'd like it to work. He's also been waking up way too early (even by his standards) and wanting us to sleep with him or to come into our bed. Which is sort of alright, but not really. I'm hoping that this is just the way this transition is manifesting behaviorally for him, and that once he gets used to the change, he'll go back to normal. Or at least go back to acceptable.

I do have to say that once he's asleep, he sleeps solidly. And he's been doing really well with staying under the blanket and not ending up in strange positions.

One of the reasons that we decided it was time to get him a BBB was that he was running out of room in his crib--what, with him being rather long, and with the menagerie of trucks and stuffed animals that need to accompany him to bed. It seems that Rob and I got it wrong. He needed a BBB so that he could bring more paraphernalia with him to bed. Before Rob even finished putting it together, Zack was lining up his trucks next to the frame. And once the mattress and sheets were in place, in went all the stuffed animals and even more trucks. Whatever works!

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mom/nonnie said...

It's that freedom of movement that got Tim into trouble, and Mom resorted to restraints. Zack did tell me about his big boy bed, the last time we talked.