Sunday, September 08, 2013


It's a strange thing, watching your child grow up. I've been thinking this a lot lately, as Zack is older, as he goes off to school. Watching his growing independence is fascinating.

Last night, two other neighborhood families joined us for dinner. We all decided we were going to cook our way through some new cookbooks, and last night was our first feast. We all have kids, four between the three familes, three girls and Zack. Zack is the oldest, with M right behind him. L and J are both three. As soon as everyone got there, the kids went off to the living room, and the adults went off to the big room. We decided to eat first, in relative peace, while the kids played, which they did with nearly no need for any intervention from us. They were busy turning the living room into a fort, drawing pictures, who knows what else, all on their own initiative. Apparently, M got thirsty, because Zack came out to the kitchen, got cups for both of them, filled them with ice, filled them with water, and acted like the perfect gentleman and host by giving M her cup of water. He had no idea I was watching as he did this, but I was so pleased with him!

Both M's mom and I kept commenting on how big they are, how much they've grown up. I'm not even sure we can put it into words. While they have their trying moments, it's also just wonderful watching them become so capable and independent.

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Sheer joy!